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Samuel Lorente is Operations Director at Obn Empresas, and a lawyer specializing in Tax Law; tax inspections, tax sanctions, tax appeals and claims, tax management procedures, tax collection and suspension matters, and Criminal and Tax Compliance. Samuel is also a founding member of the portal for tax claims. He is also a member of the Bar Association and the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors.

In relation to, Samuel has said “He believes in Reclama Hacienda for two reasons, the first is that the tax pressure on taxpayers has been increasing considerably in recent years, which is causing the settlements are increasingly greater and more unfair. The second reason is the need to automate claims so that the cost is much lower.”

Samuel graduated in Law in 2006, after having started his degree in Economics. Subsequently, he applied for a position as Tax Inspector for 4 long years, acquiring a deep knowledge in Tax Law, especially in Contentious Matters, which must include tax inspections, administrative economic claims, administrative contentious appeals, tax collection matters, and in the matter of any tax.

Samuel, about his experience in opposition, has pointed out: “Opposing was an incredible experience, they were four very hard years, studying 10-12 hours a day, competing against more than 3,000 opponents for just 15 places. The preparation for this type of competition has nothing to do with a Master’s degree, the dedication is absolute, and the subject matter is inexhaustible, but it allows you to have very solid knowledge, absolutely necessary to develop a successful professional career”.

After the competitive examinations, he has worked in a firm specialized in tax inspections, claims and contentious appeals, always alongside great tax inspectors, such as Sebastían Piedra, whom he considers a mentor and some of the best professionals in Spain in his specialty. Without a doubt, it is worth highlighting his professional experience, the work he carried out at Garrigues Abogados y Asesores Tributarios (, which is the most important law firm in Spain and Southern Europe. At Garrigues, he worked in the Tax Litigation Department of the Barcelona Office, alongside enormous professionals dedicated exclusively to Tax Litigation.

From his experience in Garrigues, Samuel has said “Working at Garrigues was always a dream, the experience was incredible, I was able to participate in inspections of multinationals, small and medium sized companies and tax matters of great relevance. I took part in the most important Claims in Spain, and I had the opportunity to defend the interests of many taxpayers. I was always very grateful for the opportunity I was offered and especially Manuel Santa Maria, the partner in charge of the department, of whom I only have good words.

After always working for others, in 2016 Samuel decides to buy a portfolio of clients, together with his partner and friend Mario Oller, and create the Obn Abogados Group, which consists of a company dedicated to legal issues and a recurrent advice, with the aim of offering advice to clients 360 º, and to be able to offer any type of client the knowledge and experience acquired in large firms in which he has worked.

In an interview given to a publication, Samuel said: “In my family there has always been a family business, so I always wanted to have my own business. In 2016 I had the opportunity to buy a wallet, and set up an innovative office, where excellence and customer service are the key parts of the business. The offices of our office are the home of our clients, and we have been able to democratize the advice that multinationals receive to small and medium sized clients, and that is very gratifying. After 3 years, I can only say that this vision has been a success, the office has not stopped growing and from 4 people that we started the team are already more than 14.

Samuel is also dedicated to teaching, in a first place he collaborated with ESADE University, teaching tax law and procedure in the Master of Tax Administration and Management (“AGT”). Subsequently, he began teaching at the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona. (“Pertil UAB”), where he is still teaching tax law, in degrees and masters.

With regard to your work experience in tax matters, we would like to point out the following relevant matters:

Tax inspection of an important hotel group. In this case, the service consisted of more than two years of verification dealing with three Inspectors, with visits to the company’s offices every 15 days. In the end the Inspection practically did not practice regularization.

Tax inspection of an SME. In this case, the service consisted in a verification to a company whose partners had a company interposed for the collection of their remunerations. The success was that the tax simulation was not applied, which could give rise to a crime against the public treasury, and regularization was practiced for related operations.

Appeal for annulment. In this case, he achieved that the Client will recover more than two million liquidations, cancelling the liquidations of the Supreme Court for reasons of form and substance, the sanctions were also eliminated, as the responsibility was not sufficiently accredited.

Expense Checks. In this case, Samuel accumulates numerous successes in the matter of verifications and inspections of expenses to self-employed, preventing the administration to liquidate for these concepts.

Offense Against the Tax Agency. In this case, the Client managed to get rid of a conviction in a crime against the Treasury, by not complying with the minimum requirements required by the Criminal Code and Jurisprudence.

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