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We offer advisory services in Tax Advice, Financial Accounting advice, Labor Advice and Business Management.

tax, labour, accounting and mercantile advice

Business and company advisors

Whether you are a small or medium sized company or a self-employed, we adapt to your needs.
Check out our advisory services for each type of company:

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Tax Management

Preparing and filing of all taxes for your business, regardless of your activity.

Tax Planning

Tax planning for the management of your business. We will optimize the tax load.

International taxation

Business has gone global, we take care of the international taxation of your company.

Tax Audits

Our professionals have experience in tax audits of the Tax Administrations.

Income tax return

whether you are an entrepreneur or a private individual, we will make your tax return.

Business Registration

Starting a business is an incredible adventure! That's why we help you start your dream.

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Accounting Management

We provide accounting services to small businesses as well as the self-employed.

Accounting Advice

We offer recurrent accounting-financial advisory services to internal teams.

Financial Analysis

We analyse your numbers to advise you on commercial and financial margins.

Confection of Accounting Books

We complete the official books of your business so that you comply at all times.

Annual Accounts Elaboration

We will prepare your company's Annual Accounts as rigorously as possible.

Financial Institution Procedures

Asking for funding is a complex task. That's why we help you prepare what you need.

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Employment Advice

Advice on employment contracts, registrations and terminations, dismissals and more.

Business Registration

Companies and freelancers registration. We dominate all existing labour agreements.

Employee Management

We take care of the management of your company's employees.

Labour Inspection

Our professionals have experience in Social Security requirements and Labor Inspections.

Dismissals and Conflicts

It's time to fire someone. We'll take care of everything. You do your business.

Labor Audits

Internal and external labor audits in business buying and selling processes.

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Constitution of Companies

It's time to start a business, and you have a lot of doubts. It's normal, they're not easy questions to understand.

Brand Management

The brand is the representation that your clients will have of your company. That's why you have to take care of it.

Data Protection

Data is the center of business, without it, there is no business. Therefore, you must try to comply with the regulations.

Legalization Books and Minutes

Did you know that books and minutes must be registered in the Mercantile Register?

Legalization Annual Accounts

The Annual Accounts are the numbers of your company explained to the world, try to come out perfect.

Other Legalizations

Starting a business is an incredible experience, we know it. That's why we'll help you get started.

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Your business is the most important thing, we know it, that’s why we use technology to offer you solutions adapted to your business that make your day to day life easier. But, as we also like to see you, we are committed to regular meetings.

obn empresas has its own customer portal to attend the needs of our customers. You will have all your business in one click.


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obn empresas relies on technology in providing our online consulting services. Therefore, we use the main technologies for the development of our work. These are some of them:

What our clients say

Excelencia y rigor

Los profesionales de obn empresas prestan sus servicio con excelencia y rigor. Nos ayudaron en la puesta en marcha del negocio y ahora nos asesoran en el día a día.
Selu Navarro
DSA Studio

Fiables 100%

Obn empresas ofrece un servicio fiable y de calidad. Sin duda la recomendaría.
Alex Molero
Gestall Ingenería y Gestión

Muy recomendable

Obn empresas ofrece un servicio de asesoramiento global adaptado a las necesidades de nuestra empresa.
Sergi Sans
Partner Adventure

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